delilah Wake Up Radiant Skin Tint Review

PLANT-BASED SQUALENE – locks in moisture & boosts elasticity without blocking pores

In many way, it reminds me of a much lighter, more glowy version of the Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation which also gives a warm bronzy finish to the skin. The Dior has more coverage because it’s a foundation, but it was always a good one if you want to look more sunkissed in an instant, even in my regular Dior shade.

The delilah Wake Up Radiant Skin Tint is a base product that feels so much more like skincare than makeup. I applied it with my fingers and it has such a light texture that I almost didn’t feel the need to wipe the product off of my fingers like I do when I apply foundation like that. It feels like it just sinks in.

NIACINAMIDE – to minimise the appearance of pores and refine uneven skin texture & tone 


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My Review

I recently discovered the new delilah Wake Up Radiant Skin Tint and if you are looking for something super light with glow, I think you will like it. Here’s what you need to know.

What is delilah Wake Up Radiant Skin Tint?

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  • Multi-functional, lightweight formula
  • Radiant, liquid skin tint with skincare
  • Enriched with a blend of 87% natural origin skincare ingredients
  • Adds a sheer, sun kissed dewy coverage
  • Can be worn alone or under foundation as a primer
  • Available in four translucent tones  

Key Ingredients

HYALURONIC ACID – draws hydration into skin to visibly plump and replenish

I love that it has lots of skincare within the formula, and you can really feels that as you apply it. Once applied, it is super lightweight, and you pretty much forget you are wearing it. It’s lovely.

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RADISH ROOT FERMENT – natural peptide with antimicrobial benefits 

SUNFLOWER SEED OIL – effective for combatting  inflammation,  redness and irritation of the skin

Shades & Swatch

This isn’t one for lovers of full coverage or matte, but if you want a little something to subtly perfect the skin, with lots of glow and added skincare benefits, this could be the one for you.

Where to buy it

I have the lightest shade, Opal, which actually gives my skin a really soft bronzy glow. It isn’t a match but it works to warm everything up without looking heavy or unnatural.

The delilah Wake Up Radiant Skin Tint is £39.


If you are feeling a bit pale, this Skin Tint is definitely one to reach for. On no makeup days it would be enough just to make you look alive, and you can pair it with a bit of concealer if you want to look a bit more polished.

COLLAGEN AMINO ACIDS – to increase skin’s moisture levels and smoothness.

MANGO LEAF EXTRACT – powerful antioxidant that helps to neutralise free radical damage

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delilah Wake Up Radiant Skin Tint Review