How to Use Honey for Hair Care

Thus, yogurt helps to unclog the pores and maintain a clean and healthy scalp and encourage healthy hair growth.

Coconut oil is a must have ingredient to get healthy hair. It contains a high amount of fatty acids, that provide moisturization and nourishment to hair as well as scalp.

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These fatty acids are highly effective to repair the dryness of hair as well as scalp and restore soft, shiny, smooth and healthy hair naturally.

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4. Honey and Aloe Vera Remedy for Hair Care

How to use honey and aloe vera for hair care?

Protein deficiency is a common factor that can damage our hair texture, making it dry and dull. The high amount of protein present in egg yolk effectively nourishes the hair strands and reduces the dryness of the hair.

In a bowl, take two tbsp of pure aloe vera gel. Add one tbsp of raw honey to that. Mix the ingredients together and prepare the hair mask.

Honey comes with natural anti bacterial properties which also play an important role in getting relief from dandruff.

The anti inflammatory benefits of yogurt help to calm down the irritation and inflammation of the scalp. This helps to reduce dandruff to a great extent.

It helps to remove build up, dirt, sweat and other impurities from the scalp and hair follicles. This helps to unclog the hair follicles and restore healthy, clean scalp, thus providing a great environment for healthy hair growth.

Rich in anti oxidants, coconut oil also helps repairing hair damages caused by free radicals as well as various environmental elements.

Sulfur is another essential nutrient for gorgeous hair. It helps to prolong the ‘growth’ phase of our hair growth cycle, as well as supports keratin to make our hair even stronger.

In a bowl, break one egg and separate the egg yolk. Keep it in a bowl and add 1-2 tbsp raw honey and mix both of them together. Apply the resultant mixture all over your scalp as well as hair.

Honey comes with numerous benefits for hair care. It works a great natural hair conditioner, as well as helps maintaining a healthy scalp.

Vitamin A eliminates dryness from the hair strands by increasing sebum production from the oil glands present on the scalp. This provides the much needed moisturization as well as nourishment to the hair and keep them soft and shiny.

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2. Honey and Coconut Oil Remedy for Hair Care

How to use honey and coconut oil for hair care?

Aloe vera is high in water which helps with hydration and moisturization. It works as a natural hair conditioner and with regular use, can improve our hair texture.

Furthermore, coconut oil is the source of omega 6 as well as Omega 9 fatty acids. Both these fatty acids keep hair soft, smooth and healthy.

Tie your hair up in a bun and wear a shower cap. Wait for an hour before rinsing it off with a mild shampoo. Reapply this DIY hair care remedy with honey and egg yolk once or twice in a week.

Mix together raw honey and coconut oil and in 1:1 ratio. Apply the mixture all over the scalp as well as hair and massage the scalp gently with your fingertips.

Reapply this home remedy with raw honey and coconut oil for hair care once or twice weekly.

Benefits –

Egg yolk works as a natural conditioner for our hair. Egg yolk contains a good amount of vitamin A, which is essential for repairing dry hair.

Also, they help sealing the open cuticles on the outer layer of the hair, thus reducing the frizz of the hair. Regular use of egg yolk leads to smooth and silky hair.

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Also, yogurt is a great source of hair friendly nutrients. It contains proteins, vitamins and lactic acid, that work together to nourish and repair dry and damaged hair beautifully and also help with hair growth.

The probiotics present in yogurt also contribute to healthy scalp. They help to destroy the harmful bacteria present on scalp surface.

Along with vitamin A, egg yolk is enriched with healthy fatty acids that also moisturize and hydrate dry hair.

All these nutrients nourish and fortify the scalp and make it more resistant to dandruff as well as other common scalp conditions.

How to Use Honey for Hair Care

1. Honey and Yogurt Remedy for Hair Care

How to use honey and yogurt for hair care?

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This in turn, prevents extreme oiliness or dryness of the scalp and makes the scalp more resistant against any bacterial or fungal infections, thus preventing hair or scalp damage.

So, these are four amazing remedies with honey for hair care. Hope you liked the article and found it useful. Do you like using honey on hair? Let us know below in the comments.


Leave the hair mask on for 30-40 minutes. Rinse it off with a mild shampoo. Reapply this homemade hair care remedy with honey and yogurt once or twice in a week.

Benefits –

Apart from that, honey provides a massive boost of hydration to the scalp. This way, honey drives away scalp dryness and reduces the chance of getting dandruff.

Honey is a source of multiple anti oxidants such as chrysin, pinobanksin, catalase, pinocembrin and vitamins including vitamin B1, B2, B3 B5, B6. It also contains minerals like calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc etc.

Sometimes the accumulation of dead skin cells can make our scalp dry and itchy. Moreover, these dead cells can also clog the pores and halt our hair growth.

It helps to replenish the hair with lost moisture, thus reducing dryness.

Apply it all over the hair as well as scalp, massage gently and let the mask sit for 30-40 minutes. Wear a shower cap to avoid any mess.

Honey is a source of gluconic acid, an AHA, which also provide excellent natural exfoliating benefits for our scalp. It exfoliates the scalp and removes the impurities as well as dandruff flakes, thus keeping the scalp clean and controlling dandruff formation to a great extent.

In addition, the natural anti inflammatory benefits of aloe vera help soothing the irritated scalp.

They enhance blood circulation in the scalp, that further helps to nourish the hair follicles with improved the supply of oxygen and other important nutrients.

Maintaining the ideal pH level of the scalp is the key to achieve healthy hair and healthy scalp. Yogurt is extremely beneficial to restore the natural pH balance of the scalp.

Lactic acid is an AHA and it has excellent exfoliation benefits. It exfoliates the scalp and remove the dirt, impurities, excess sebum as well as product build up on the scalp surface.

In addition, there are other nutrients present in coconut oil, that help to repair hair damage effectively. We know, loss of moisture is the major reason that makes our hair dry and dehydrated.

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Furthermore, the lutein found in egg yolks help to maintain the natural elasticity of the hair, which is highly beneficial to treat brittle hair, split ends as well as hair breakage due to dryness.

Eggs have been used since ages to get soft, smooth, healthy hair. Eggs contain various nutrients, which work wonderfully to boost our hair health.

Biotin is one such vitamin that is extremely important for hair care. Lack of biotin can cause excessive hair loss and dryness of hair as well. Egg yolk is a great source of Biotin which helps to restore hair health.

Add 2-3 tbsp fresh, plain yogurt to 1-2 tbsp of raw honey. Mix together and apply the mixture all over the hair as well as scalp. Massage gently for few minutes and wear a shower cap to prevent any mess.

Vitamin E is specially known for its deep moisturization properties. It is an anti oxidant and helps to protect the hair from various damages including free radical damages and UV damages.

One of the best benefits of using coconut oil for hair is its ability to penetrate the hair follicles deeply and repair the hair damages from within. Regular use of coconut oil helps to rejuvenate dry, dull and lack luster hair.

Honey has the ability to maintain the pH balance of the scalp and this goes a long way to ensure scalp stays healthy, balanced (not too dry, not too oily) and dandruff free. Also, it helps in controlling hair fall.

Aloe vera contains vitamin A, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin C as well as vitamin E. These vitamins help to nourish the scalp as well as hair follicles, repair the damages and makes our hair stronger. Vitamin B-12 and folic acid in aloe vera prevent hair from falling out.

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Egg yolk contains sulfur, which further aids in improving our hair health.

Dandruff is another worst enemy for our hair. It makes our scalp unhealthy and lead to severe hair fall. The anti fungal benefits of aloe vera help with dandruff treatment.

How to Use Honey for Hair Care – Know the Benefits – Honey is not only a natural sweetener, but it has many beauty benefits as well. Beauty aficionados know that using honey for skin can resolve a number of common skin concerns. But do you know that honey is equally effective for our hair? Here in this article, we are going to share the hair benefits of honey and various ways to use honey for hair care. Since ancient times, honey has been appreciated and widely used for its amazing medicinal properties. And do you know, nothing can fulfill your dream of having satin soft, silky hair better than honey? Also, it can treat your stubborn dandruff. And with honey in your hand, you can battle with hair fall successfully. Plus there’s more. Know all about using honey for hair care below.
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Benefits of Using Honey for Hair Care

Aloe vera works wonderfully to restore healthy scalp. Dry and itchy scalp is a major problem for many of us.

It helps to protect our hair from a number of problems, including dry, dull hair, split ends, hair breakage, premature graying of hair etc. Vitamin E present in coconut oil helps to protect hair from UV damage.

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Benefits –

Furthermore, the natural anti bacterial as well as anti viral benefits of aloe vera ensure our scalp stays healthy.

Dandruff is a common problem for dry scalp. Honey comes with excellent moisturizing benefits. Regular application of honey helps in moisturizing dry scalp, thus driving dandruff away.

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Oily scalp can also get dandruff and sometimes, this oily dandruff turns out worse than dry dandruff. Excess oil deposit on the scalp makes the scalp oily.

Yogurt works wonderfully to treat dry, dull and lifeless hair. It is known for its moisturizing properties and works as a great natural hair conditioner.

Maintaining a clean scalp is very important in order to prevent dandruff formation. Honey contains various natural enzymes that come with cleansing benefits. They help cleansing the scalp deeply.

Honey is a natural humectant. It absorbs moisture from the air and uses the same to add moisturization to the scalp. Furthermore, it creates a protective layer on the scalp to prevent moisture loss.

Aloe vera has deep cleansing benefits. The natural astringent properties of aloe vera make it a must for those troubled with oily scalp and oily hair.

Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzyme, that helps to exfoliate the scalp and get rid of the excess amount of dead cells.

In addition, egg yolks come with a good amount of B vitamins as well as vitamin E. These vitamins are extremely beneficial to rejuvenate dull and dry hair by nourishing the hair follicles.

Maintaining the pH balance of the scalp is important. It helps in preventing many hair and scalp problems, including dandruff, hair fall, etc.

Besides, being a rich source of water, aloe vera helps in hydrating and moisturizing the scalp, thus reducing chances of further dandruff formation.

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3. Honey and Egg Yolk Remedy for Hair Care

How to use honey and egg yolk for hair care?

Aloe vera is alkaline in nature which helps to bring a balance in the acid-alkali level on the scalp, thus ensuring healthy scalp as well as hair.

Plus the anti bacterial as well as the anti fungal benefits of coconut oil keep the scalp healthy by treating dandruff and other scalp infections. This in turn, creates healthy environment for healthy hair growth.

Honey is considered as a wonderful natural treatment for dry hair, hair breakage, dull hair, dry scalp, itchy scalp, dandruff etc.

Rinse it off with a mild shampoo. Reapply this homemade hair care remedy with honey and aloe vera once or twice in a week.

Benefits –

With regular application, yogurt helps to repair hair texture and restore smooth and shiny hair once again.

Yogurt is also highly beneficial to maintain a healthy scalp. It provides a boost of moisturization and hydration to treat dry scalp and also reduce the itchiness of the scalp, that comes with dryness.

The anti oxidant properties of yogurt fight off the free radicals as well as environmental assaults and help protecting our scalp and hair from various damages, such as dry hair, hair fall, unhealthy scalp, etc.

Regular scalp massage with coconut oil helps in boosting blood circulation in the scalp. This helps with better flow of oxygen and other nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles, which helps to nourish the hair follicles and make the hair stronger and healthy.

Honey can balance the moisture level of the scalp and also remove excess oil with its exfoliation properties.

However, excess moisture build up can also ruin our hair texture. Fortunately, coconut oil can prevent both of these. Along with adding moisturization, it forms a protective layer on the hairs that helps to prevent moisture loss as well.

Wrap a warm towel around your head or wear a shower cap. Let the mask sit on the scalp for 30-40 minutes and then rinse off with a mild shampoo.