Saturday Surfing, September 2, 2023!

This look is gorgeous, WOW

Guess what? Remember how the other day, we were talking about Hallmark stores? There used to be more in the SF Bay Area, but now they’re hard to find. Exciting news — well, for me at least. I found one in the next town over, which is about a 15-minute drive away, assuming there’s no traffic.

Love the take on the song and her makeup

Side note, in the Bay Area, you always have to calculate traffic and time of day whenever you travel on a freeway, even on the weekends. It’s annoying but becomes second nature after a while.


Happy Saturday to ya, my friend!

What are your plans for the long weekend? Are there cats involved? I hope so!

This week’s reading

Give me wings

Anywho, I mentioned the Hallmark store to El Hub and his eyes lit up, LOL! We might visit later on today!



Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,

I have to go and do some cat lady duties, first, though. Connor and I have been asked to catsit “the boys” in our neighborhood for a couple days, Harris and Mr. Willoughby.

Oh hai, Harris
My neighbor’s cat Mr. Willoughby

I will take those tips, please

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